A Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Let’s be honest; this year has been a year that none of us expected. Just cast your mind back briefly to this time last year. Hugging, concerts, parties and intimate gathering of families. Aah yes, that seems like a distant memory with today’s current situation of Hands - Face – Space, sanitizers and shopping online. Its affected everybody in many different ways and it’s safe to say that we are all a little run down. So instead of writing another intense article about the wildlife trade, I thought I would end off the year with something a bit more light-hearted and festive. So, without further ado, let us crack open a bottle of wine, put Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you' on and let’s step into Christmas.

Food glorious food

One of the main aspects of both Christmas day and Christmas eve is the food. Delicious turkey with stuffing, pigs in blankets, gravy and veg. Maybe it’s a honey glazed gammon with mustard, or perhaps you have your first vegan Christmas with roast vegetables and a vegan Christmas pudding to end off. Whatever it may be, let’s not waste any of it. With smaller gatherings this year -, there’s no excuse to over cater for the masses. If there is food leftover, don’t throw it away, there’s nothing better than a turkey and stuffing sandwich with cranberry sauce.

Turkey dinner is a popular meal at Christmas time

While on the topic of food, with all the extra time we have, why not try your hand at making that Christmas pudding, mince pies or those fancy readymade roast beef canapés. It might save you some money, and it will limit plastic pollution.

Glitz and Glamour

Swop some of the tinsel and bauble for a more natural look, such as pine cones and pine needles. Lemons and eucalyptus are trending at the moment. If you need to replace the Christmas light this year then why not buy L.E.D ones, they will save energy and last longer. Throughout the festive season, let’s try and limit the amount of plastic we use. For instance, use flower petals or coloured paper to use as confetti rather than the plastic kind (more of a New Year’s Eve tip this one). You can also put some presents into reusable festive bags and save on some of the wrapping paper.

How about swapping the tinsel for a more natural look this year.


The stress and anxiety for some people has probably risen to high levels, so lets limit stress levels, try buying your Christmas presents early to avoid the rush. If you are going on holiday, try to plan as much as possible to avoid waste, especially when it comes to buying more than you need.

Bits and Bobs

Now that most of the big topics have been covered, we can end off with some of the milder but by no means less important matters of the festive season.

Firstly, let’s not forget about the birds and other wildlife out in the cold this winter, we all know that they can take care of themselves like they have been doing for centuries. However, leaving out a little bit of seed or leftovers gives them that extra boost to get them through the season, and remember in the hotter climates to put water out for the birds and, especially for the bees. Donate a portion of your money (that you feel comfortable with) to a conservation charity during this season of goodwill.

Where's the seed hooman

Another exciting concept is renting a Christmas tree. Instead of buying a real tree that you throw out in early January how about renting one instead. If this concept has no appeal, buy a tree that can be replanted in your back garden.

How about planting the tree after Christmas is over

So, I hope this has helped in some way to have a more holly jolly eco Christmas. Whichever way you decide to spend it, it will probably be different from the ones we have had in the past. However, we can still create that Christmas spirit and joy in our own home. Next week I will be doing my last blog of the year, giving you a quick glimpse of what I have planned for 2021. See you then and Merry Christmas.

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